A Guide to the Different Types of Silver Bangles

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Bangles have been around almost as long as people, as cultures around the world used them to adorn the body and the materials used were as varied as the cultures themselves. Metal, wood, stone, and later plastic are all used to create wrist jewellery and most fashion conscious females would insist on having at least half a dozen bangles in their jewellery collection. The wide range of designs reflects the creativity we possess and for those who are a little in the dark when it comes to buying bangles, here is an overview of the range on offer today.


Fixed Bangles

A bangle that is a complete circle would be of the right size to enable the wearer to push it over the hand and sit on the wrist is a fixed bangle. There are no clasps and the single (or multiple) band(s) would typically be made from sterling silver, which replaced wood and glass as the most popular bangle material around a century ago. If you are looking for a stunning wrist accessory, you will certainly get solid silver bangles available at Corazon Latino, the UK’s leading sterling silver jeweller. They have an extensive range of sterling silver bangles of the highest quality and with regular sales, there are always bargains to be had.


Clasp Bangles

The clasp can be a simple clip together solution, while some have a slip lock, which prevents the clasp from opening. The benefit of a claspbangleis you can have it as a tight fit, much like a wristwatch. Sterling silver is the ideal metal for bangles, and such is the range of designs, you are spoiled for choice. If you are looking to buy your partner a bangle, unless you know her wrist size, it is wise to purchase a clasp bangle, as they can be adjusted to fit.



One could opt for a polished finish, great for those special dinner occasions, while a textured bangle adds depth to almost any outfit. If you really want an extensive collection to browse, source a reputable online jeweller that specialises in silver bangles and you can select something you know she will love. If you are planning a surprise gift, try to measure one of her bangles, that way you can be sure of buying the right size and by simply looking at her wrist, you will have a good idea regarding size.


Know Her Style 

A Guide to the Different Types of Silver Bangles

Image Source: Pixabay

If you don’t already notice her dress style, it won’t take long to understand the look she creates and such is the diversity of bangle designs, you will find that perfect fashion accessory. You have to make a decision on whether to go for a formal or informal style, and if you have a particular event when you would like to present the gift, then make sure the bangle goes with the outfit.

Once you are confident you know what she will like, source an online silver bangle retailer, who would have an extensive catalogue of top-quality silver bangles, and with no expensive retail outlet, the online jeweller can offer lower prices.

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