Getting You Colored In! Wearing Bright Colors With Style And Confidence


Some of us don’t feel brave enough to add extra colors to our style. Much like a lot of people choose to completely embrace leopard print, or to avoid it completely, for those people who are only used to a couple of colors, tend to stick within these parameters. But, wearing so many different colors is a great way to show that we are confident and energetic, and this naturally transforms us. But, it’s a very difficult approach to undertake, especially when you don’t know how to mix and match them properly. And of course, having lots of color can look just plain wrong on the wrong person. But, let’s get you colored in!

Start Off With Bright Accessories

It’s a perfect way to get you started. If you are used to wearing neutral colors, having a showy bracelet or colorful earrings can help to give you that confidence, and to see if various colors actually work well on you. There are numerous multi-colored jewelry that you can try, and Opals Australia have many different styles to inspire you. If you can feel confident with a little bit of color hanging off your wrist, this is the perfect way to build your confidence up.

Match Your Brightness With Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend! When you are using certain accessories with bright colors, pairing them with more subdued colors helps to minimize how much that accessory stands out. It’s important to look attractive and striking, but when you have a pink purse and a yellow dress, this could be too much color for most people to bear!

Keep It Within The Color Family

This is one of the best ways to slowly build up your confidence alongside suitable accessories. Instead of going for opposing colors on the color spectrum, by staying within a color family, such as by wearing a maroon top with a red skirt, you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it’s on the right side of colorful.

Have One Item Of Clothing That You Know Works

Venturing out with bold colors and exquisite patterns with a bold jumper can be a bit too much for us from time to time. This is why it important for us to pick an item of clothing that we know works and you can accessorize accordingly with this. One of the best examples is denim. As denim goes well with any type of color, wearing your favorite pair of jeans or a denim shirt with your leopard print trousers, gives you the confidence to venture out in style.

If you’re used to a minimal style of clothing, with a handful of colors, it’s important to step outside your comfort zone from time to time, because if you dress in grays and blacks all the time, you aren’t showing what you are capable of. It’s important for us to experiment with color, because it shows our confidence, and it will increase our belief in ourselves. Although, you need to be sure that you don’t go over the top with colors at the very beginning. So, mixing and matching is definitely on the cards, but take it easy, and go with what feels right.

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