UPDATED What’s In My Bag?!

I’ve recently been trying to go a bit more ‘minimalistic’ – AKA, just not keep shit I don’t need. The first thing I desperately needed to was to sort out my bag. With my big bag, it was full to the brim with lipsticks, receipts, pens, tissues, gum, you name it… it was in there. When I went into Reading, I popped into Topshop and saw this beautiful small tan coloured over the shoulder bag and I know I HAD to get it. Now, even though nothing in my bag is overly exciting, I know how much I love these posts, so thought it was time to do an updated version!



Oh if only I had an endless supply of Compeed. I’m forever wearing brand new shoes out all day, and it literally ending in blood, sweat and tears. Also, for anyone who is thinking of buying Doc Martins, please for the love of god break them in first. I have literal scars on my feet for wearing my new Docs out into town all day…



I brought my purse off of Skinnydip London (link shows a different colour since they don’t sell the silver one anymore) and I’m in love with it. It’s perfect for what I need! I rarely have cash on me, and if I end up with any, I pop it into a pot at home. I keep all my cards in the front, and then this photo of someone I knew who sadly passed away. For some reason, it just makes me feel calm knowing he’s there with me!

Work Fob



Nothing too interesting here! It’s just my work fob which allowed me to get onto the tills at work, and also a Monkey 47 Gin ring. For some reason, all the staff who were there from the start had one, and I’ve just never taken mine off!

Oh… Cheeky…


Yes. I carry sex toy wipes in my bag… I promise that’s not why I carry them around… Mikey brought them me for Valentines day! I promise I only use them to clean my shoes haha!



Doesn’t everyone have gum in their bag?! I feel like it’s an essential. I also have a little blending brush to use around my nose for when I start getting oily and patchy. I’m not too sure why I have it in my bag to be honest, since I never remember it’s in there!



I feel like after reading this, you’re all going to think I’m sex obsessed. Firstly I had sex toy wipes and now I’m showing you my keys that stores a condom inside it… Classy bird me! Secondly, I wish I had a fancy central locking key, but unfortunately, Lil’ Mo isn’t that far advanced…


What’s your handbag essentials?

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