How To Deflate The Bloat
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Since I have Endometriosis, I’m bloated 90% of the time. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also makes me feel super self conscious about what I wear, just incase I start to bloat, and having to worry about people asking me if I’m pregnant or not…

Bloating doesn’t just happen to people who suffer from a chronic illness though, and is actually quite common. I’ve put together a little list of ways that I’ve found help me out.

Peppermint Oil

When my bloating gets really bad, I take Colpermin capsules which are filled with peppermint oil. I find that taking these really help the bloat, and makes everything a little more comfortable.

Peppermint Tea

Again, like the Colpermin capsules, sipping on peppermint tea really helps to reduce the discomfort.


I think heat is my number one go-to. I personally like to use hot water bottles (even though they never seem hot enough still!), but you can also get wheat bags to heat up and use. If you can’t stand the weight on your stomach, buy some heat patches which you can either stick directly onto your stomach, or stick it to the inside of your t-shirt.

Eat Slowly

Trying to eat more slowly has never been a problem for me since I have always taken my time to eat. Eating fast causes more air to be swallowed, causing the bloating. Eating more slowly also helps if you’re trying to lose weight as well!

Decrease The Amount Of Red Meat In Your Diet

This is possibly my biggest trigger. I am a BIG red meat eater. Give me a burger, spag bowl or steak and I’ll likely be your best friend. However, my stomach won’t be your best friend.

Wear Dresses Or Loose Trousers

I usually just walk around my house in a baggy top and a pair of underwear (sometimes I cannot even stand the pressure from pants though) and when I go out, I’m usually in a loose fitting dress. Before I had endometriosis, I would always be seen in leggings or jeans. Not anymore! Try to reduce the amount of pressure from clothes onto your stomach and pick baggy clothing. That way, if you do bloat, it’s all nicely hidden.

Drink More Water

I won’t bore you right now (only because I’m writing a blog post about drinking water. Ha!), but the more water you drink throughout the day, the less severe your bloating will be! Just remember to take sips and not gulp it down.

Drink Less Fizzy Drinks

I rarely drink fizzy drinks now since they made me look like I was going to pop. The gas in the drink is going to end up somewhere, and that somewhere is your stomach. No thank you!

Decrease The Amount Of Gum You Chew

It sounds stupid that something you don’t even swallow can cause you to bloat, but when you chew gum, you swallow a whole bunch of air which all ends up making home in your belly.


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