Taking Your Real Life & Health Seriously When All You Do Is Work

Do you take your health seriously enough? Or are you one of those people that it takes a trip to the hospital for you to really think about what you’re doing to your body? Working all of the hours under the sun is expected from a lot of us these days, but it can be incredibly detrimental to our body and mind. But for some people, we get into a lifestyle that we are accustomed to, and we feel that we have to maintain this by working 50 hour weeks. But it takes a health scare for you to really think about what you’re doing to your body. So, maybe it’s time to take your health seriously now, how can we do this when all we do is work?


Assessing Your Priorities In Life

If you’re someone that prioritises work over everything else, including your family, you know at the very back of your mind that this is completely the wrong way round. If you have missed another birthday party because you “had” to work, there are only so many times that you will get let off the hook. And while it’s something we see in so many TV shows and movies, if you do work too much, your relationships will be negatively affected, because you won’t see the people you care about. And this is one simple part of your life that you need to prioritise. We feel that we have to work so many hours because we have to pay the bills and so on, but are you working so much that when you actually take a day off, you don’t know how to relax? Or if you are hanging around with your loved ones, you’ve got work on the brain? Think about what is actually important.


Working Smart Instead Of Working Hard

Productivity is one of those things that people are constantly trying to find a solution to. You may be used to such a structured way of working that you know no other way. But are you actually working smart? If you’re working all of these hours and putting a lot of effort into it, so much so that you are not giving your loved ones the best version of you, it might be time to start structuring your working life a bit better. Not only this, but when you work so many hours, you don’t have your health as a priority, because you ignore certain things, and as you’re unable to get a doctor’s appointment because you’re in work, this is when major health problems can begin to rear their head. While there are things to make life easier now, such as you being able to order your repeat prescription online, think about your overall working life, as well as your essential life admin, and if it’s structured effectively. We need to go to the doctor’s if we’re not well, but we also need to do those other essential duties. And working smart instead of working hard gives us, not just a way to complete all of these tasks, but we may find that we feel better as a result. Instead of working so hard on a task that you’re exhausted, finding ways to structure your day so that you get the harder tasks out of the way first, so that the rest of the working day becomes easier, you may find that you can leave the office at 3 pm, instead of 6 pm- a major difference!


Starting A Few Simple Life Practices

Once you’ve assessed your priorities, and you have worked at structuring your life better, you can begin to implement practices that make you feel better. You might find something like meditation or mindfulness to be a waste of time, but automatically by freeing up your evenings, and focusing back on the people you love, you will feel a lot better, but our health needs to remain a priority- we’ve got to tackle the mental and physical aspects. So this means finding the best approaches that work for you. Something as simple as box breathing can be done for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, and it has an amazing effect on your nervous system, blood pressure, and your general outlook. You may find this spills over into your working life because you won’t feel so stressed about everything!

If you work too much, and you continue this pattern later in life, you will look back on everything and realise that it wasn’t the best course of action. Taking your health seriously, but also assessing your priorities in life will mean that you are healthier, happier, and you will realise what life is all about.

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