August 2018 Goals

Can anyone remember when I used to post my monthly goals, and then did a little update at the end of the month of how badly I did? Me either. Well today, I’ve finally decided it was time to start it all up again. Surprisingly, it took me back on how hard it was to think of five goals this month. Possibly due to the fact I used to write my monthly goals when I was really ill, so mainly my goals consisted of getting better and getting back to work. How on earth has it been a year since my surgery and time off work?! Oh well. Here’s what I hopefully have in stall for August. Behold, my August 2018 goals. Wish me luck.

01. I’m in desperate need of a declutter. I have so many drawers that are jammed pack with rubbish that I don’t even need/want. I did do a makeup declutter a few weeks back now, but I still feel as if I have way too much makeup still. The same goes for my skin care products. I’m very lucky in the sense I get sent a whole bunch of products from brands, but I know there is no way in hell that I’d be able to use it all up in my lifetime.

02. My blog is in need of a spruce up. I’m don’t hate the way it looks, I just don’t love it either. I’ve finally found a theme that I’m in love with, but right now, I don’t have the £50 to just throw into my blog. Last month, I ended up working more hours than usual since my boss went on holiday, so I’m hoping to spend the extra I earned on my blog. I also want to just give it a little bit of a tidy up in general. Delete some old posts that are quite frankly an embarrassment to look at. Organise my categories a little better. Possibly start up a little shop. Who knows.

03. Start to use Pinterest more again. I used to adore searching through Pinterest for hours on end, but when they updated, I fell out of love with it. The main reason being is because I worked so bloody hard on it, and then the update happened and I lost a lot of monthly viewers which hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. I now want to just use it because I actually enjoy using the site, and not focus on numbers or anything.

04. Finally get my hair cut. Last year, I got the chop before my endometriosis surgery, and now my hair has grown again, I want to cut it all off. Typical. I just love how effortless short hair is (not that a do anything to my long hair now). I spritz of volume spray and I’m out the door. Simples. Jordan Lipscombe is my hair god, and I’d do anything to have her hair.

05. Eat more healthy. I feel like this is going to be on everyone’s August 2018 goals, but I actually really need to work hard on this one. I’ve been drinking a whole lot of water which has really helped my skin, but then I’ll also have a whole sharing bar of chocolate to myself for dinner. One of the main reasons why I just grab any crap from the kitchen is simply because of how easy it is. I don’t have to cut, cook or do anything to it. I can just eat it.

What are your August 2018 goals?

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