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Oh Amazon… What would I do without you?!

Stick On Silicone Wire Holders – £3.95


I brought these to stick on the side of my bedside table so that I always knew where my chargers were. I was stick and tired of having to rumage and search for my chargers, so these are perfect!

LED Flexible Stick On Lights – £6.95


Oh my god. Possibly my most favourite thing I’ve ever brought. I have a really large mirror in my bedroom now, so I brought these, stuck them around the back of the mirror, and it looks amazing! You will need to buy a Powder Adapter – £8.99 for them to work, but honestly these are the best! I’m going to be posting an updated room tour soon, so make sure you check that out to see these badboys in action!

MacBook Pro USB & Memory Card Adapter – £7.99


As much as I love my Macbook Pro, it doesn’t have any USB slots, This little baby plugs into the charging port, so then I can plug in USBs and memorys cards!

Mini Clip On Light – £4.99


As much as I love my little clip on selfie light, it’s nothing compared to this. Even though it’s tiny, the brightness on this thing is incredible! Just don’t do what I did and turn it on whilst it’s super close to your face. You’ll nearly go blind…

Rose Gold Portable Speaker – £9.09


I brought this for the summer so that when I go out and sit on the field with friends (I’m a country side gal) or sit in the garden. It may be small, but boy is this thing LOUD!

Faux Sheep Skin Cream Rug – £13.95


Fluffy rugs are usally £40+, so I was super happy to find this! I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as quailty as the more expensive ones, but how I was wrong! Since I have dogs who liked to roll on it when they were wet, I had to get rid of mine, but I’ll definitely be purchasing one again soon!

Indian Elephant Black & White Tapestry – £9.99


Oh I love a tapestry. Since I’ve changed my room around and trying to go for the ‘minimalistic’ look, I havent put mine back on the wall, but I pop mine over my bed, or use as a blanket to sit on when I go out! Love, love, love!!!


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