Bloggers, Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself.

Bloggers, Don't Be So Hard On Yourself | Blogging Pressure


I try my hardest to publish a post every other day, and whenever I don’t stick to it, I feel like a complete failure.

Am I the worst blogger ever since I didn’t post content when I said I would? 

Will I get Twitter DMs from an angry mob of people who wanted to see a new post?

Will everyone just stop reading since I didn’t stick to my schedule?


Nothing like that is going to happen.

So why is it that I feel so guilty when I take a day or two off?

Bloggers, Don't Be So Hard On Yourself | Blogging PressureEver since I started blogging, I felt the continuous pressure to publish a new post.

A few months into starting, I was posting every single day for around 3 – 4 months. It was tough, but I bloody loved every moment of it.

Every time I posted, I was getting 50 odd comments on every blog post (no matter how shit the post was), multiple likes, and my WordPress followers grew massively everyday.

Bloggers were supporting other bloggers. I never found myself in blogging drama, and we’d all spend hours reading each others blog posts.

Other bloggers support was what drove me to keep publishing daily.

To me, all the comments and likes were from people who were constantly itching to see my new post, and god forbid I let any of them down.

I then started work again after having a 6 month break, and decided that posting daily was definitely not achievable (especially when working in hospitality). I decided that posting every other day was something that I could stick with.

Fast forward half a year, and I’m publishing new content up to 4 times a week.

But let’s say I want to have a complete week off.

A week off where I can close my laptop, not having to think about writing a post, taking photos, replying to emails, and go on social media just because I want to see what drunken mess Sandra got into at the weekend, and not have to worry about sharing my latest article.

Why would it make me feel guilty, even though a week off is what I probably need?

Left, right and centre, I’m seeing bloggers take to their computers, and announce that they’re having a break. It could be a few days, it could even be a month, and yet, no one is sending them snotty emails how they’ve failed to be a perfect blogger.

Their comments are filled with people telling them to have a lovely break, to come back when they feel like they are ready, and to just do what they need to do.

So why can’t we take the advice that we’ll tell other people?

Honestly, I think the inner dread from taking a break starts with other bloggers themselves.

My feeds are constantly filled with boy and girl bosses, working full time, being a parent, having a social life, posting regularly, and STILL managing to look like they have their shit together, even if it is just pretend.

There is so much blogging pressure to be this internet superhero, and even though I know it’s complete bullshit, I still want in.

Top – New Look
Trousers – New Look
Demin Jacket – Mum’s Wardrobe
Bag – River Island
Shoes – Gucci

Bloggers, Don't Be So Hard On Yourself | Blogging Pressure

90% of the time that I’m not at work, I’m sat in bed, covered in biscuit crumbs and spot cream.

I rarely dress up in Instagram worthy outfits.

I don’t pick something off of a menu, just because I think it’ll look photogenic.

And that’s all okay.

Putting yourself out on the world wide web is a scary thing, and for me, letting anyone down is a scarier thought.

For the point I’m about to make, let’s just say that everyone blogs for a hobby and doesn’t earn a living from it.

Would someone who knitted for a hobby feel as if they were letting anyone down if they went on holiday and didn’t bring their knitting needles?

Does someone who likes gardening feel bad when the winter comes along, meaning that they don’t have any plants to tend too?

The answer is no.

We put the pressure on ourselves because we want to show off our very best selves, and act as if we can handle the constant blogging pressure that is being thrown at us.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is you do you. If you want to post every day for a week, and then go silent for a year, do it.

If you want to post about your new car, but only write about vegan recipes, do it.

No one is going to send you hate mail because you’re looking after yourself.

You’re not going to log onto social media after a week, and find every single person has unfollowed you.

If you need a break, just bloody do it.

So bloggers, just do you.

And don’t give a fuck what anyone else has to think.

Photography by Emily Becca

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