Children’s Gift Guide £50 & Under!

I wanted to clear something up first before I got into the gift guide itself. Personally, I don’t really agree with ‘boys’ toys and ‘girls’ toys. For example, if I had a child who happened to be a boy, and he asked me for a Barbie for Christmas, I wouldn’t think twice about getting him one. They’re children for gods sake, so let them play like kids should!

Also, kids toys are always ridiculously priced, so I decided to only include gifts for £50 and under. If you’re a parent out there who is struggling to get your money together for Christmas, please don’t forget about car boot sales or eBay. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by getting someone/your child a second hand toy.

Fast Lane Parking Garage Playset – £24.98


The amount of hours me and my brother used to spend playing with his car garage. I honesty don’t know a single person who would be disappointed in receiving this!

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers and Paper Set – £7.99


Washable markers are a must have with kids. I don’t know how many times I ended up getting ink on places that weren’t meant to have ink on…

Dream Dazzlers Blonde Styling Head – £9.98


I remember every year I’d circle one of these in the Argos catalogue. I don’t think I ever got one, so I just did my nans hair and makeup instead… with gel pens… Sorry nan!

You & Me 16″ Doll with Front Carrier – £14.98


The inner child in me is going crazy about how many accessories you get with this?! Ahhh!!

Slime Baff – 1 Bath Pack – £4.99


I actually got this a few years back and I can confirm that this is ridiculously fun to play with.

Playmobil City Action Police Helicopter with LED Searchlight (6921) – £17.18


I’m pretty sure that my brother had an action man verison of this, and I think I used to play with it more than he did.

Baby Annabell 43cm Brother Doll – £43.99


I had one like this who I named Sammy. Oh, how I miss Sammy…

Zinc Scooter – Orange – £29.99


If you don’t look at this and instantly feel the pain in your ankles you used to get when this swung into them, did you even have a childhood?!

VTech Baby Play & Learn Activity Table – £24.99


Something for the younger one here! Not a bad price for something with so much to do on it!

Party In The Tub Toy Bath Water LED Lights – £4.90


I’m actually adding these on here so that hopefully someone sees this and gets it me for Christmas. Anyone?

What are you getting your little ones this year?

*All prices were correct at the time that the post was written.


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