Environmentally Friendly Products That Won’t Cost The Earth

Environmentally friendly products are everywhere right now, and there’s a very good reason for it. A lot of products we use daily are having such an awful effect to the environment without us even realising it. That 5p plastic bag you picked up, just for your single pack of gum, the small, black straw that you added to your cocktail, just so it wouldn’t ruin your lipstick, the list goes on.

Whilst having a look on Amazon, I came across some environmentally friendly products that won’t ruin your bank account (or the earth!).

My Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Products

01. Bamboo Toothbrushes – £10.86

Someone told me recently that every single plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still on the planet. If that doesn’t shock you, I honesty don’t know what will.

One bamboo toothbrush will last you up to 3 months, meaning that this pack of 4 will last you the whole year. At only £2.72 a toothbrush, you’d be stupid not to make the swap.











02. Menstural Cup – £14.95

If you’re someone who gets period, you’re most likely well aware of how bloody expensive period pads and tampons are (and don’t even get me onto the fact that they’re still taxed). This little product is going to be your periods best friend.

HuffPost released an article back in 2015, revealing that women spend more than £18,000 on having periods in their lifetime. EIGHTTEEN BLOODY THOUSAND POUNDS.

One of these menstrual cups will last you up to 15 years, and you’ll help lower the amount of tampons and pads that enter landfill every year (20 billion in North America alone!).









03. Metal Straws – £3.99

You’ve all by now seen the horrific video that went around of the sea turtle that had a plastic drinking straw stuck up it nose (I’ll warn you now, it’s a tough watch). After seeing that, it really made me think about the amount of straws I use daily, when in fact, they’re not even an essential product to use.

If you can live without having a straw in your drink, then fab! If not, get yourself a pack of metal straws (the ones I’ve linked also come with their own cleaning brush) and keep them in your handbag.









04. Cotton Buds – £1.09

Yes, I’m that idiot that still uses these to clean her ears. I’ve seen all the warning lablels and nightmare articles about what happens when you use these to give your ears a clean out, but I still can’t stop myself from using them. Soz.

I also go through about 3-5 of these A DAY from applying my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion on any spots I have, so I go through a pack of cotton buds embarrassingly quickly. Luckily, these ones are completely biodegradable, so if you feel as if you can’t live without them (like myself), you can get yourself a pack of these.










05. Shopping Bag – £8.96

Even though the 5p charge for a plastic bag annoyed a large amount of people, it’s made people think a lot more about getting a bag for one item.

I’ll definitely put my hands up and say I was guilty of accepting plastic bags when I didn’t need one.

These mesh bags are super lightweight and can easily be thrown into your bag without taking up much space.











06. Biodegradable Glitter – £0.99+



I wrote a full post about these particular glitters, so I won’t ramble on too much about them.

If you’re obsessed with glitter like me, do the right thing and at least make sure that it’s biodegradable. It doesn’t change the quality or how sparkly they are, but it does stop the negative effect it has on the planet.

Not that you should need an excuse to buy glitter, but festival season is just around the corner!










07. Solid Shampoo Bar – £6.50

These solid shampoo bars from LUSH are a travellers best friend. No risk of leaking all over your clothes, small enough to store anywhere, and no worries about the deadly excessive packaging. Triple win!
















What environmentally friendly products do you currently use?

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