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Buying jewellery is always an exciting experience, and when the item in question is considered to be antique, there are other factors that come into play. Of course, the obvious place to start when looking at an antique piece of jewellery is its authenticity, and a little online research would soon confirm that it is, in fact, a genuine antique item. Most people know very little about the antique world, and if you are considering making a sizeable investment in an antique diamond engagement ring, it makes sense to do some research. 

Buy From A Reputable Source

If you are looking at rare antique diamond rings, you should stick with a reputable jeweller, one that specialises in antique items, and with their help, the right piece can be acquired. It might be that you wish to present your fiancée with an antique diamond ring, although you have limited knowledge, and by searching for an established antique jewellery dealer, you can be sure that the item is genuine and not overpriced.

Finding A Suitable Style

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It is absolutely essential that you know her taste in jewellery prior to looking at rings, which shouldn’t be difficult for someone who knows her so well, and with a budget in mind, you can approach an antique jeweller with some confidence. If the proposal is not a surprise, why not involve your fiancée in the search for the ring? That way, you can be sure that she likes the design.

Diamond Grading

If the item includes a diamond, the stone should have a grading certificate, preferably issued by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a globally recognised benchmark. The grading is done with the 4Cs, which are, Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat, with each category having a range, and the diamond grading process is carried out by a professional gem appraiser, which ensures accuracy.

Define The Period

The difference between a vintage and antique ring could be as little as 20 years, with anything over 100 years old considered to be an antique. The jeweller would be able to tell you exactly how old a piece is, and would likely know a little about its history, which is always helpful. Antique engagement rings from the Art Deco period are popular choices today, and by forging an alliance with a local established antique jewellery, they can help you to source something suitable.

Image Source: Pexels

Be Patient

It is unlikely that you will find exactly what you are looking for right away, but if you carry out a Google image search and find something of interest, you could forward this to an online jeweller, and with his extensive network of colleagues, he is likely to come up with quite a few possibilities. Of course, if you know your fiancée’s taste in jewellery, so much the better. Make sure you also know her ring size, which will save having to have the ring reworked.There are many online jewellers who specialise in antique items, and with their help, you can view many potential rings before making 

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