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I feel as if any home and lifestyle gift guide posts are some of my favourites to read. Receiving anything remotely related to home and lifestyle will always be a winner in my eyes. You can almost always guarantee that the receiver of the gift is going to find your present super handy, even if they had no plans of ever buying it for themselves.

There’s such a wide range of home gifts on the market these days, so there’s always going to be something out there for every single person. A friend recently moved house? Get them a knife set. Got yourself a sister who seems to buy plane tickets more than she does shampoo? A suitcase. Have an aunt whose house looks like it should have its own spread in a magazine? Coffee table books would go down a treat. Worst things worse, you can never go wrong with getting someone a cute mug, can you? Don’t act as if you don’t have a cupboard filled full of gifted mugs, but still expect at least one more to add to the collection at Christmas.

I’ve also seen a lot of ‘DIY hamper kits‘ on the shelves this year which can make such a beautiful gift. Usually containing a basket, tissue paper and a fancy bow, you can then fill it up with all of their favourite things. Food, beauty products, alcohol, homemade treats, the lot. There’s some fantastic hamper basket ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck for ideas. I can’t even begin to tell you how many gift hampers I’ve made for other people. They really do make such a personal and rememberable gift.

Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite home and lifestyle pieces I’ve come across. Not only to give you all a little inspiration on what to gift this year, but also as a massive hint to my friends and family…

 Did this Home and Lifestyle Gift Guide give you any inspiration? What will you be buying your loved ones this Christmas?

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