The 7 Rules Of Sleeping

My sleeping pattern is all over the place. Sometimes, I can climb into bed and within seconds, I’m sound asleep. Other times, I can get into bed at 10pm and finally start to drift off around 4am. There can be times when I literally feel like I could pass out from exhaustion, yet I watch every hour on the clock pass by. Funnily enough, there can also be times where I feel wide awake, but as soon as I put on a Netflix show, I turn into a sleepy mess. Luckily, at the moment, I seem to be drifting off way before the 12am mark (ironically, it’s currently 3:42am) which I never thought was something I’d be able to achieve. If you’re after the 7 steps that have taught me how to fall asleep fast and effortlessly, keep on reading.

How To Fall Asleep FAST

1. Bath Time

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

Let’s settle the argument once and for all. Baths/showers in the morning, or in the evening? I’m 100% team evening bath.

Bath time for me is like a big ol’ pamper sesh. I’m talking bath bombs, face masks, in-shower body lotions, the lot. I find that a hot bath at night is the perfect way to help me start feeling tired and ready for bed.

Both the Deep Sleep Shower Jelly (£4.25 /100g) and Twilight Bath Bomb (£3.95) from LUSH contain lavender oil which has been proven to help induce sleep and relieve stress and anxiety, making these products perfect for helping you catch up on your beauty sleep.

2. Swap Coffee For Camomile Tea

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

Like all 20 something females, I need coffee in my life. Morning coffee, afternoon coffee, night coffee. I can’t get enough.

I’ve seriously been trying to cut down on the good stuff since my skin is seriously suffering from my addiction right now. Not only am I now a spotty mess, but I also find that if I drink coffee after 7pm, there’s a very good chance that I’ll be having a restless night.

Instead of the heavenly bean, I’ve been reaching for herbal teas. In the day, I tend to drink more peppermint tea, whilst just before bed, I try to drink chamomile because of its sleep inducing properties.

3. No Screens!

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

Don’t worry, I’m not about to say the same bullshit about avoiding screens an hour before bedtime. I mean, are there actually people out there who do this?!

I’m more than happy to admit that I have to watch TV before bed. However, If I’m on my MacBook or phone in bed, I find it takes me twice as long to fall asleep than if I were just to watch TV.

Try and learn to switch off before bed. Respond to all your emails, check your social media, do everything you need to do before going to bed. The rest can wait until the morning.

4. Reading Before Bed

I’ve always loved reading, but over the past few years, I found it difficult to make time for it.

Is it just me who feels like they’ve really accomplished something when they’ve read another chapter of a book? Just me?

There’s a reason that you read to kids before they go to sleep. That reason being that it bloody works. You don’t have to commit yourself to reading a book a night, but even a few chapters will help you to nod off. The main reasons why reading makes you sleepy is because:

  • You tend to read in a comfortable setting (such as your bed, bath, comfortable chair etc.) which automatically puts your body into a relaxed state. When your body is at ease, this tells your brain that it’s time to get some shut eye – hence why you feel more tired when you lounge around all day.
  • It distracts you from any worries you may have which would usually keep you awake.

5. Butter Me Up, Buttercup

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

My mum brought me this sometime last year when I was really struggling to fall asleep. I’d seen it all over social media, but decided not to buy it since I thought it was more of a placebo effect that a product that would actually work.

How wrong was it.

Sleepy (£7.95 / 95g) is a body lotion from LUSH which again, contains lavender in. Whilst it may not seem like the biggest pot, this 95g pot has lasted me months and I’m still not even a quarter way through it. I don’t use this on an everyday basis, but if I have a busy day in the morning or I’m already struggling to fall asleep, I massage this lotion into my chest, neck and arms.

If you’re wary about trying this out like I was, still buy it. If it doesn’t help to induce you into a slumber, at least you’ll have beautifully soft skin.

6. 4-7-8

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

This is a method that again, has been all over social media.

For this to work, you need to inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

The reason this is helps is that it slows your heart rate down. Naturally, when you fall asleep, your heart rate will slow down to give your body a full rest. By following the steps above, you’re speeding the process along, making your body think ‘hey, my heart rate has lowered so it must be time to sleep!’.

7. Spritz It Up!

The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -

I only recently have been trying this out, but it works a charm. Now, even though Twilight (£20.00 / 200ml) is advertised as a body spray, I prefer to use this solely as a night spray. I like to spritz Twilight onto my pillows, duvet and pyjamas (so pretty much everywhere). Simply spritz the spray on your pillows (I like to also put a little bit on my pyjamas) and drift off into a deep slumber.

The packaging of this is amazing, and I love how you can ‘lock’ the spray if you’re traveling with it. As much as I wouldn’t mind this going all over my clothes since it smells incredible, I’m not too keen on the idea of wearing wet clothes.

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The 7 Rules Of Sleeping - How To Fall Asleep FAST - Brooke Clarke -


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