Decorating your home is often something that many of us enjoy doing. Your home is the ideal place to become an extension of your personality in some way. Enabling you to share the colours that you love, the things that mean the most to you and to create the atmosphere that you call home. However, not all of us are brimming with ideas and creativity, and that can often mean that you feel a little perplexed and uninspired. Whether you want to overhaul your whole home, or focus on one room, it is easy to find sparks of inspiration and often they can be in unlikely places. I wanted to suggest some of the ways you can feel inspired with design ideas and creativity for your home. I hope it gives you the motivation you need to start decorating and creating the home you envision yourself.

Lacking In Design Inspiration For Your Home? Try These Suggestions

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Instagram and Pinterest

Are you a social media addict? Perhaps you love sharing snaps of your life to your friends and family. But, social media can also be a pretty inspiring place. Instagram especially can be a great social media platform to turn to if you are hoping to find some design inspiration. A quick search can give you an array of pictures and captions. As Instagram is typically a visual place, you will be instantly greeted with many different photographs to peruse. Some of these profiles might be small businesses, others might be home interior bloggers sharing their room transformations and styling tips. Pinterest is another fantastic social media platform for inspiration. You can find some great tutorials and hacks on there, and often these things can really help you transform the space in your home.


Property websites

An extension from social media would be to take to Google and search out property websites. There are many different websites you could look at in order to gain inspiration. First of all, I would suggest home interior blogs. These can often be full of inspiration and advice on how to create certain looks. Surprisingly, new build websites and also new property launch sites can also be full of inspiration. Take a look at this new property launched in 2018 to give you an example. These websites are especially good for particular styles of home, or modern floor plans with open plan living. They can help you to determine and segregate rooms with small design features.


Visiting show homes

If you are local to a new housing development, then the best advice would be to go and take a sneaky look at the show homes. These show homes are normally designed by interior specialists, and they tend to showcase that particular home style or floor plan to the best of their ability. You will also find new trends, and it can give you an idea of how colours and styles can work together to create an overall look.


Home interior shop showrooms

Shopping isn’t always about making purchases. Sometimes these home specialist stores have epic showrooms full of design ideas. It could be that you like the idea of a sofa and the layout and accompaniments of colours it has been matched with. Or the way a fitted bedroom has been designed with the additions of the bed and bedding styles. You will find inspiration in the craziest places, and it is just a case of having your eyes opened.


Visiting friends and family

If you know a friend or family member that has a stunning home, why not pay them a visit? Often these people are always making small changes here and there to the looks of their home, and you may start to feel inspired by some of the things they have done. While you may not want to copy other peoples ideas, they can certainly feel flattered if you enquire how and why they came up with a certain design feature? Maybe even asking them for some suggestions with your home could get those creative juices flowing.


TV shows

Finally, next time you are watching TV, why not pay more attention to the set? Many soap operas and sitcoms we enjoy are based in homes these days, and you may find that you like the look of a living area or bedroom captured in a TV show. This could be especially interesting if you live in a particular style of housing. City high rises, for example, scream out for modern living, in comparison to country based shows where cottage chic is more their thing.

I hope this helps you to start feeling inspired with some design ideas for your home.

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