Everywhere you look at the moment, you’ll be sure to see leaf print. Instagram, Pinterest, in clothing shops, in homewear shops, literally everywhere. Even my room is pretty well plastered in the tropical pattern.

There just seems to be a really nice, summery feel to it. Honestly, I’d quite happily wear the pattern and nothing else ever again.



SHOP THE TREND - Leaf Print prints

Juniqe Tropical No. 6 – £24.95 | Not On The High Street Tropical Leaf Print Set Of Four Illustration – £18.95 | Nordic Design House Monstera Print – £5.50 | Moon Berry Prints Monstera Leaf Print Tropical – £11.60

I never used to have a lot of things put on my walls, but I’ve recently found a whole new love for it.

I currently have three decorative mirrors, and a few little prints, and surprisingly, not one has a single leaf on it. There’s honestly hundreds of these photos around the highstreet, so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect one.

SHOP THE TREND - Leaf Print gadget cases

Marmori Albo Tropical iPad Zebra Case – £20.47 | Marmori Albo Tropical Leaves iPad Case – £20.47 | Marmori Albo Tropical Leaf Print MacBook Case – £34.12

I was very kindly sent the Marmori Albo Tropical Leaf Print MacBook Case (right) recently, and I’m over the moon with how it looks. I was worried it would make my MacBook bulky, but luckily, it’s just the perfect size. The case has both a screen case and a bottom case with little slits in so that the laptops fans can do their job.

I have little dogs who like to scratch our laptops for our attention (I wish I was joking), so at least I know now that my MacBook is going to be scratch free!

The site also currrently has 10% off of all their Macbook cases. The link isn’t affiliated, but you can click here for 10% off of all MacBook cases!

SHOP THE TREND - Leaf Print swimwear

Shein Leaf Print Criss Cross Bikini Set – £8.99 | Dorina Leaf Print Push Up Bikini Top – £12.50 | Missguided Green Leaf Print Low Side Swimsuit – £15.00 | Forever 21 Palm Leaf One-Piece Swimsuit – £22.00

If these swimsuits doesn’t make you want to book plane tickets and go swimming in crystal blue seas, I don’t know what will. I live in Oxfordshire, so there isn’t really a beach close enough to my house (or one that’s not going to give me hypothermia). I think I’ll just have to stick to a paddling pool.

SHOP THE TREND - Leaf Print homewear

Pipii Tropical Palm Leaf Print Party Plates – £3.00 | Lesara Cushion Cover in Tropical Leaf Print – £3.99 | Bedding Inn Green Leaves Pastoral Style Grommet Top Curtain – £66.97 | Groupon Pieridae Summer Duvet Set Palm Leaf Green – £10.00

Since I painted my room white, I love how easy it is to change up the decor and make it look like an entire new room. My main colour scheme in my room is white, gold and green, so these picks may have to accidentally fall into my basket.

SHOP THE TREND - Leaf Print stationary

Elena Illustrations Tropical Leaves Pencil Case – £10.00, Papier Banana Leaf Tuppence Collective Stationery Set – £1.09Karenza Co Recycled Tropical & Geometric Print Pen Pot – £6.95, Papier Palm LeavesLined Notebook – £12.99

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with stationary. Despite not even needing the majory of what I own, I still can’t stop myself from buying it. These products fill my heart with leaf and stationary joy.

What’s your favourite leaf print product?







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