REVIEW: Home Wrecker – Jeffiner Juan

Something that not a lot of people know about me is that I really enjoy poetry.

It’s only been about this year or so that I’ve found myself reading it, and whilst I don’t have a massive poetry book collection, I still enjoy the odd book here and there.

‘Home Wrecker is the third major collection of poetry from Jennifer Juan. Tender, but brutally honest, Jennifer explores current affairs, extra marital affairs, and more innocent affairs of the heart. Journey through seductive stanzas that explore the highs and lows of the lives we find ourselves in, and you’ll be you hooked, until the bitter, beautiful end.’

After being very kindly gifted a Kindle version of Home Wrecker, I instantly got stuck into it.


After reading each poem, it really got me thinking about Jennifer. Whilst I didn’t feel like I could personally connect to each and every poem as much as I have with other books, the poems are written in such a way that you knew each poem truly came from a place inside Jennifer’s heart.

Each and every one has a different story to tell, and that’s what made me fall in love with it. She writes in a way that leaves you thinking about her and mainly her past relationships.

The one thing I really liked is how honest Jennifer is with her audience. I really applaud her for being so ‘open’ about her experiences, and I feel like I instantly know a lot about her past and how she feels now.

Also, some of the poems she had written starts off with sentences such as, ‘I’m laying on the ground’, ‘You are a tornado’ and ‘When you’re gone’. Each of these sentences remind me of song lyrics – ‘Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground‘ by Taylor Swift, ‘That’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano‘ by Eminem & Rihanna, and ‘When you’re gone‘ by Kelly Clarkson. Now, I don’t know if this is something she intended to do and without knowing Jennifer, personally it seems like music has been a big influence for her and her poems.

Being someone who enjoys art and makeup, I also find music a big influence in my life, so I can see how it could affect someone like Jennifer too.

Even though it wasn’t my personal favourite poetry book I have read, I’m definitely going to find myself re-reading Home Wrecker.

Personal Favourite Poems

  • Telescope
  • Talk Later
  • Coffee
  • 3AM
  • Font
  • Mortal Kombat


*This book was kindly gifted to me for review and this post contains affiliated links.
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